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Now FREE with OHIP Coverage!

I have partnered with a virtual Pediatric clinic to offer OHIP-covered breastfeeding consults Ontario-wide. You and your baby do need an Ontario Health card for this to work. We can do this virtually or in-person.

Please have your Physician, Midwife or Nurse Practitioner complete one of our short referral forms available below. Once received, I will be in contact with you shortly to book and secure you a spot to be seen. I will walk you through the rest of the forms process!

Be sure your doctor leaves your contact information on the form.

What can Claire help you with?

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education
Latch on difficulties
Nipple pain & damage
Low-supply concerns
Herbal Lactation Hormone Balancing
Bottle Weaning/supplemental weaning
Breast Weaning
Tongue, Lip & Buccal Ties
Oral Rehabilitation
Bottle refusal
Slow weight gain
Nursing your NICU baby
Exclusive pumping
Introducing solids and babyled weaning.
...and much more

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