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Prenatal Consultation
$100 - In-home
$75- Virtual

Let's Prepare you for 


Setting the Foundation...

For some, a baby is born using all of it's natural reflexes to nurse, and they can latch with little assistance right off the hop.

Other times, and more often than not it takes some time to learn the dance of breastfeeding. 

I can support and educate you so you are prepared to understand the foundation of making milk, to preparing you to troubleshoot when/if things become difficult for you and your baby. 

"More often than not, when a baby is having difficulty latching on it is because they can't. Let me help you find out why". I offer a fully loaded prenatal consult where I will spend time with you and your partner (if desired) going through different nursing positions and so much more.

Pregnant Woman
Newborn Baby

When can breastfeeding be difficult?

-Inductions of labour

-Cesarean birth

-Post-partum blood loss 

-Post-partum infection

-Very long labour

-A premature baby

-A baby struggling with Jaundice

-Traumatic birth involving assistance with vacuum or forceps.

-A baby born with anatomical features such as cleft lip or palate.

-Tongue ties/lip ties.

-Flat or inverted nipples

-Low milk supply concerns

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